September 19, 2017

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Best Eczema Relief

Although over 34 million Americans suffer from symptoms of eczema every day, scientists still don't know what causes it. Many experts think eczema occurs through an inherited tendency for the disease, and then is "triggered" by stress or other external factors.

Eczema usually causes the affected skin area to become very dry, itchy, red, and swollen. Sometimes the skin becomes cracked, crusty, scaly, and can even start to bleed. Always, the condition is irritating, frustrating, and embarrassing.

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Eczema Product Reviews

5 stars
Skin E Dip

SKIN E Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Skin-e-Dip is an effective topical cream used for the relief of eczema symptoms and other skin problems. The website is simple and easy to use, and the product has many satisfied customers. Read More... Visit

4 stars
Healing Natural Oils


Healing Natural Oils comes with strong customer feedback, BBB rating and policies but the price tag may be a turn off for some. However, for those looking for an effective eczema relief, Healing Natural Oils is worth a try.
Read More... Visit

3.5 stars
Zenmed Dermcare


Zenmed offers several different products for a variety of skin disorders. The DermCare system is used in the relief of eczema. It consists of a lotion and cleanser, boasting all natural ingredients.
Read More... Visit

3 stars
Biogetica Eczema Formulas


The Biogetica Company offers a variety of products for many different aliments. Five products are used in the relief of eczema, some specializing in wet eczema and others in dry eczema. This site would appeal to customers who appreciate the all-natural aspects of homeopathic products.
Read More... Visit

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When looking at different eczema products, you want to consider a few factors. Some of these include:

  • Effectiveness. There are many claims on the market for eczema relief. Does the eczema product work as advertised?
  • Safety. Is the eczema product safe? Can it be used with children and infants? Are the product's contents listed?
  • Cost. Product costs can vary widely. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. Is the eczema product worth the money? has reviewed and ranked the best eczema products available today. We hope this information helps you find relief from the eczema that you're suffering from!

5 common eczema triggers and how to avoid them

Eczema can occur anywhere on the body, with the most commonly affected areas being the hands, knees and elbows. Sufferers often find the condition to be painful, embarrassing and infuriating. It can have a negative impact on both our physical and mental ...

Published:  Mon, 18 Sep 2017 23:00:00 GMT

Eczema: Everything You Need to Know

We spoke to CEO Joanna Gardiner for Eczema Awareness Week to learn how the condition comes about, how to treat it and when it's time to go to the doctor. Joanna Gardiner is CEO of Irish skincare company, Elave. What percentage of the Irish population ...

Published:  Sun, 17 Sep 2017 08:34:00 GMT

Psoriasis vs. Eczema Pictures: Face, Hands, and Legs

Many people don't know the technical differences between psoriasis and eczema, or atopic dermatitis. Recognizing a patch of skin that's inflamed, red, or peeling as one of these conditions will determine how you treat it. A thick patch of white scales ...

Published:  Mon, 11 Sep 2017 22:18:00 GMT

Today's burning question: Do probiotics help eczema

Q: My mom has eczema, and I heard that eating probiotics can alleviate her symptoms. Is there any truth to that -- Amy D., Duluth, Minn. A: Yes, probiotics may help control eczema, especially when used in conjunction with other treatments, such as ...

Published:  Sat, 16 Sep 2017 22:30:00 GMT

Why eczema can attack anyone, anytime, and other must-knows about the skin condition

If you think that those who suffer from eczema are born with the condition, think again. Turns out, we can all fall prey to this nasty and painful skin condition; it's not just a genetic predisposition. "According to research, it is believed to be a ...

Published:  Mon, 11 Sep 2017 01:49:00 GMT

AbbVie eczema candidate has analysts whittling down super-rich forecasts for Sanofi and Regeneron's Dupixent

Regeneron and Sanofi's new injected immunology drug Dupixent has taken off like a rocket, leading to some lofty projections for its peak upside. Like $10 billion-plus. But with some easier-to-take oral competitors percolating in pipelines, some analysts ...

Published:  Fri, 08 Sep 2017 12:28:00 GMT

Eczema Awareness Week - Everything You Need To Know About The Condition

Eczema Awareness Week is coming up later this month (16 to 24 September) so we've enlisted the help of Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anthony Bewley FRCP who shares everything we need to know about the condition from symptoms to diagnosis to treatments.

Published:  Fri, 15 Sep 2017 01:52:00 GMT

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