September 19, 2017

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Scar Creams

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Best Scar Creams

Recently, scar creams have been gaining in popularity. Whether you've had surgery, a deep cut, skin rash, acne or any other trauma to your skin, you've probably been left with an unattractive scar.

Scars are the result of our body's natural process of closing a wound - but that doesn't mean we want to live with the discolored and uneven skin that scars can leave behind. Today a number of over-the-counter scar creams exist that provide significant results with concealing those scars and help people feel confident again. Deciding which scar cream to buy can be confusing and frustrating, as many of them promise big results but don't always deliver.

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Scar Cream Reviews

5 stars
Revitol Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Known for all natural ingredients, Revitol is said to reduce the appearance of many types of scars. It offers an attractive discount for purchasing multiple bottles, and the return policy is longer than most other companies we reviewed.
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4.5 stars


All natural Enessa uses a blend of oils to moisturize the skin during the healing process. It is safe for all skin types and can be used on new and old scars. If you appreciate organic ingredients and are willing to pay a little more, Enessa Diminish Scar product, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, is worth trying. Read More... Visit

4.5 stars
Healing Natural Oils


For those that have tried several scar products, Healing Natural Oils offers an option worth considering. Some may be turned off by the bigger price tag but if they haven't had much luck before, this one comes with strong customer feedback and customer friendly policies.
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4 stars


TriLASTINís Stretch Mark and Maternity Skin Care creams have many satisfied customers, and the website has very compelling images of the improvement in many clients' skin. While effective, their products are not meant for general scars, so customers looking to improve the appearance of other scars may want to choose a different product.
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4 stars


Many customers have reported positive results from using ZENMEDís Skin Eraser Kit to address skin discoloration and scarring resulting from acne, aging, and sun damage. With a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, trying this product is essentially risk-free; however, it is not designed to promote the kind of healing and improvement that may be needed for scars resulting from injury or other causes. Read More... Visit

3.5 stars
Scar Esthetique


With a pleasant smell and smooth application, Scar Esthetique sets itself apart from other scar products. If you're looking for an affordably priced scar product that is also gentle you may consider Scar Esthetique.
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3.5 stars
Scar Control


Scar Control, by Forces of Nature, is an all-natural, homeopathic scar cream formulated to gently yet effectively relieve the appearance of scars. This product works to penetrate deep into the skin for fast results. Forces of Nature is very selective in the quality ingredients they choose for their products and stand behind their performance with a 1 year, money-back guarantee. Read More... Visit

3 stars
Mederma Scar Gel


The affordability of Mederma Scar Gel along with strong recommendations makes it a good choice for those looking to improve the appearance of a scar. Beware that some customers experience slight discomfort from the products ingredients. Read More... Visit

3 stars
Scar FX


Scar Fx is different than other products in that it is a silicone sheet that remains on the scar throughout the day. Though highly effective, this product is very expensive and can be messy. Consider the location of the scar, and the pros and cons of Scar Fx before making a decision.
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2.5 stars
Dermefface FX7


Like many scar creams, Dermefface FX7 has compelling before-and-after photos that show amazing results. However, many customer reviews indicate that this product may be most effective on acne scarring and not on deeper scars caused by accidents, surgery, or other injuries to the skin. Also, as with other products sold by Leading Health, youíll have to buy a larger amount of product (in this case, a 3-month supply) to be eligible for Dermefface FX7ís money-back guarantee.
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When shopping for a scar cream, you should consider the following:

  • Methods of Use. How frequently must you use the scar cream? How is it applied, and will it fit into your schedule?
  • Cost. How do the prices between scar creams compare? Are you getting a good value or being overcharged?
  • Return Policy. If you're not satisfied with the scar cream, will you be able to return it for your money back? has reviewed and ranked the best scar creams available today. We hope these reviews help you deal with your scars right away!

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