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      November 25, 2020
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Top Consumer Reviews

For more than a decade, customers have trusted Top Consumer Reviews to give them insightful, in-depth reviews on thousands of products and services ranging from exercise equipment to home decorating and much more. Each evaluation is completed by our professional reviewers who do all of the research necessary to let you know which companies and products you will love - and which ones you should avoid.

Whether you’re trying to find the ideal gift, get help with your financial situation, prepare for an upcoming trip, or make any one of thousands of possible purchasing decisions, you can trust Top Consumer Reviews to help you cut through the clutter and give you the information you need.

So what are you waiting for? You can get started by browsing the product categories below, or use the Review Finder dropdown at the top of the page to see everything we have to offer. Welcome to Top Consumer Reviews!


Health & Beauty

In today’s market, it seems like everyone wants you to believe that their product or service will cure your illness, make you look 20 years younger, or help you lose 10 pounds by next week. Which ones actually deliver on those promises? Take a look at our reviews to see which supplements, exercise equipment and other health and wellness products will genuinely help you feel better, lose weight, or even discover more about your well-being at a cellular level through DNA testing. With our top-rated picks, you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier, more beautiful you.

Home & Family

What do you envision having in your ideal home? From the blinds and curtains on your windows to the furniture on your patio, the options are virtually endless - and the best selection of items for all of your decoration and renovation needs can be found by shopping online. The same goes for everything that the rest of your family needs - from food and treats for your pets to hockey gear and dancewear for your aspiring athletes. Why spend time and money driving from one store to another when you can get what you need with just a few clicks? Best of all, you’ll have all the inside info from to help you know which online retailers will give you the best prices - and the best shopping experience.

Money & Business

Are you one of the millions of Americans running a business or working as a freelancer? Maybe you’re an everyday consumer wondering if there’s any possibility to repair your credit, consolidate your student loans, or earn some extra money. Or, you might be looking for accounting software for your small business, or trying to determine if you should incorporate, register a trademark, or purchase business insurance. There’s no shortage of services that say they can help, and we’ve done the legwork to find out which ones are legitimate. From legal services to financial information that can help your personal situation, our reviews will walk you through the tough questions you should ask to make the best possible decision.


If you’re looking for that special someone for your life, you’re not alone. Millions of singles are out there just like you, trying to find their lifelong partner. We’ve looked at all of today’s most popular online dating sites, saving you time and frustration by helping you find the one most likely to bring you friendship, romance or even marriage - whichever you’re looking for. Once you’ve found your ideal match and are ready to say “I do”, our reviews can help you plan the perfect wedding – we’ve got the inside scoop on the best wedding websites, invitations, dresses and more. We’ve even evaluated a wide range of services that offer background checks and prenuptial agreements, should you need them!

Shopping & Gifts

If there’s anything that the internet has made so much easier, it has to be shopping! What can’t be bought online? You’ll have a hard time thinking of anything that isn’t available through an online retailer. New and used cars? Of course. Diamond engagement rings and other jewelry? Yes, often at much better prices than at a local store. Gifts for the person who has everything? Just consider any one of the many subscription clubs that offer monthly deliveries of cigars, fruit, wine, even steak or lobster. Armed with our reviews, your gift shopping has never been easier. You may even find something fun or tasty for yourself!

Travel & Insurance

Is the beach calling your name? Are you planning a whirlwind European tour and need to brush up on your French, German, Italian, or Spanish? Our reviews have all of the details you’ll need to line up the right visas, get your passport in a hurry, and get the ideal language lessons for your learning style. And, don’t forget the travel insurance, protecting you from expensive medical bills or luggage replacement costs if something goes wrong. When it comes to other kinds of insurance - health, dental, auto, even pets - we’ve got you covered too. You don’t have to spend your time trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of every single provider out there, when you can use our reviews to cut through the confusion and quickly figure out which insurance plans are trustworthy and affordable.

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